Case Study: Green Hills Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (Q2 2022)

Patients Age: 67
Admission Date: 4/19/2022
Admitted from: U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs
Discharge Date: 6/09/2022
Discharged to: Group Home
Length of Stay: 7 weeks and 2 days
Reason for Stay: Skilled Rehab
How did this patient hear about Green Hills Center? Referral from the VA

Details of Experience:

Mr. Brewington was admitted to the Green Hills Center for Rehabilitation and Healing on April 19, 2022, by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. Due to weakness and confusion, Mr. Brewington was brought into the VA on March 18, 2022. He was evaluated for Physical therapy to assess independence and gain back his strength. The VA recommended that Mr. Brewington be placed in a skilled nursing facility to improve his strength and balance to return home.

Upon admission, Mr. Brewington was greeted by the Charge Nurse, Concierge Director, Therapy, and many more. The Therapy Department assessed Mr. Brewington and made goals for him to achieve each week before he was discharged. Before Mr. Brewington’s admission, he could not stand without assistance and showed general signs of weakness. Our therapy team began working with him on improving his balance and strength. As of 4/27/2022, Mr. Brewington made progress and was improving on his standing balance. Therapy addresses functional mobilities, including balance and standing. Mr. Brewington is determined to regain his strength so he can feel better about himself. He is making progress with Occupational Therapy. As of 05/09/2022, Mr. Brewington improved on mobility strategies to maximize safety with the least amount of assistance from caregivers. He continued to show progress and motivation to return to his normal routine. As of 05/30/2022, Mr. Brewington continued making progress toward his goals. He has shown improvement within the few weeks he has been here.

Mr. Brewington stated, “I’m satisfied with the improvement that I have gained from working with the therapy team here.” He was very satisfied with the help he received from our team here at Green Hills Center for Rehabilitation and Healing.

Mr. Brewington was glad to return to his daily living and continue improving from what he had learned and achieved!