Case Study: Green Hills Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (Q1 2022)

Concierge Director: Kaylyn Giles
Patient’s Age: 77
Admission Date: 2/14/2022
Admitted From: Tristar Horizon Medical Center
Discharge Date: 3/29/2022
Discharged To: Home with ex-wife
Length of Stay: 6 weeks
Reason for Stay: Skilled Rehab
How did this patient hear about Green Hills Center for Rehabilitation and Healing? Hospital Referral

Details of Experience:

Mr. Malone was admitted to Green Hills Center for Rehabilitation and Healing on February 14, 2022, from Tristar Horizon Medical Center. Mr. Malone was brought into Tristar on February 3 due to a motor vehicle accident. He was treated for COVID and evaluated for physical therapy to assess independence and continue gaining upper and lower body strength. Tristar recommended that Mr. Malone be placed in a skilled nursing facility to maximize strength and mobility to return home safely.

Upon admission to Green Hills Center for Rehabilitation and Healing, Mr. Malone was greeted by the Director of Concierge, Unit Manager, Social Services, Therapy Department, and many more. The Therapy Department assessed Mr. Malone and made goals for him to achieve each week before discharge. Before Mr. Malone’s admission, he could not show ROM (range of motion) without max assistance and could not efficiently have bed mobility independently. Our Therapy team began working with him on balance, strength, and ROM. As of March 3, Mr. Malone made progress and was able to scoot up in the bed on his own efficiently. Therapy addressed functional mobilities, including balance and standing. Mr. Malone was determined to regain his strength in order to get back to where he was before. He is making progress with Physical Therapy intervention. As of March 7, Mr. Malone improved LE (lower extremity) strength for improved limb stability during standing and gait activities. He continued to show progress and motivation to get back to his normal routine. As of March 11, Mr. Malone could transfer with moderate assistance. He had shown improvement within the short amount of time he had been in the facility.

Mr. Malone stated, “I’m glad I was able to get back to where I was!” He was very satisfied with the results that came with the help of our therapy department!

Mr. Malone was glad to get back to his daily living and continue what he has learned and achieved!