Case Study: Green Hills Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (July 2020)

Patient’s Age: 68-years-old
Admission Date: 03/01/2010
Admitted From: Private Home
Discharge Date: Indefinite Stay
Reason for Stay: Rehabilitation and Assisted Living
How Did the Patient Hear About Green Hills Center: Location to home.

Details of Experience:
Miss. H. Grew up in Nashville on the same roads that Green Hills Center for Rehabilitation and Healing sits on today. She loved walking around Nashville, going to the farmers market, and being together with her sisters and mother. Her health began to decline in her middle-age years and her family began to spend more and more time within the realm of healthcare, going from home to hospital. Miss. H. was experiencing blood pressure, mobility, and nervous system challenges.

These problems were especially evident in her legs, as her ability to walk was slowly taken away from her. Miss. H. went suffered from a stroke and landed in a hospital where doctors were able to get her healthy again. Miss. H. and her family then began the process of looking for an assisted living/rehab center where she could receive the therapy she needed and also get the care she needed all-in-one.

The family decided to choose the Green Hills Center for Rehabilitation and Healing community due to its close proximity to the family home giving her siblings an easy way to come and visit as they please. When Miss. H. arrived, she was greeted by a very friendly team of difference-makers who immediately went to work making her room home for her.

She began a rigorous therapy program with the wonderful staff here and continuously made strides to get back to her life. For five years, Miss. H. continued her therapy and made great progress. She was once again able to sit up, move her legs some, and regain her mobility in her arms slightly.

Miss. H. slowly got used to life here at the Green Hill Center and began to really enjoy herself. In her fourth year as a resident here, she decided to run for office and won the election for resident council president where she has served since 2014 to this date. Miss. H. loves the position because it allows her to be social with the other residents and also staff members and be a voice for her fellow residents. Miss. H. has developed the persona of a jokester around the building during her stay here and can always be relied on to lighten the mood on a rough day for residents and staff alike. Miss. H. loves to chat with anyone and always has a smile on her face. The key to making it even bigger is bringing her a Dr. Pepper and some M&M’s which are her favorite snacks. Though she may seem a very generous and sweet lady, when you put her in the bingo room, she is there to win!

Though Miss. H. would love to go home someday, she loves being here at Green Hills Center and has made a new home with a loving family of staff and friends. When asked what her favorite part of Green Hills Center is, Miss. H. responded, “The people here are amazing, they are all so great and it has been a pleasure being here for the last ten years.” Miss. H. has become and continues to be an inspiration to everyone she interacts with and is a valued member of the family here at the Green Hills Center for Rehabilitation and Healing.