Case Study: Green Hills Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (February 2021)

Patient’s Age: 63-years-old
Patient’s Name: Inez B.
Admission Date: 01/12/21
Admitted From: Home
Discharge Date: Pending
Reason for Stay: Therapy following infected wound on the leg

Details of Experience:
Miss. Inez, from Madison, Tennessee, served as a nurse for twenty-five years in the Nashville area. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with degenerative joint disease and MS, which forced her to go onto disability, keeping her home from doing the work she loved.

One day, Miss Inez received a scratch on her right leg that developed into an infection and sent her to St. Thomas Midtown for two separate admissions for IV antibiotics and treatment. Upon going home for the second time, Miss Inez was receiving home physical therapy. Her physical therapist recommended that Miss Inez look into a rehabilitation facility and gave her a list of places to look over. Miss Inez knew of a few people who had been to the Green Hills Center for Rehabilitation and Healing and had heard good things, so she decided to come to Green Hills Center for her own therapy and healing.

Upon arriving from home to the facility, Miss Inez had great experiences meeting the staff and seeing the building for the first time. She noted the community’s cleanliness and how friendly everyone was when interacting with her. She was nervous because this was the first time she had been in a facility like Green Hills Center, but her fears were quickly alleviated. Shortly after settling in, she met her therapy team and began to get to work on her healing journey.

Miss Inez loves her therapy team, saying that she looks forward to having therapy every single day. When they are working with her, they make her feel like she can do anything, but they understand when she feels like she is reaching her limits. Miss Inez feels that she is making progress towards going home.

Miss Inez is very excited to get back home to Madison, where she can open her window blinds and watch nature while she partakes in her favorite activities, such as journaling and reading her bible plan. She is also very excited to get back to her small congregational church, which she misses dearly.

Miss Inez has made a significant impact on the community and the staff here at Green Hills Center for Rehabilitation and Healing, and the team hopes that she gets home safely and continues to heal and live life to the fullest!