Case Study: Green Hills Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (August 2020)

Patient’s Age: 74-years-old
Admission Date: 03/28/16
Admitted From: St. Thomas Hospital
Discharge Date: Indefinite Stay
Reason for Stay: Physical and Occupational Therapy as well as skilled nursing
How did this patient hear about Green Hills Rehabilitation and Healing Center? Primary Care Physician recommendation

Details of Experience:
Mr. Lamont has been a Nashville man all his life. Not only has he been a resident in this city for many years, but also strived tirelessly to make this city better throughout his career. He served on a plethora of boards and committees throughout his adult life, working with the Nashville Children’s theater, working on the Nashville Adventure Science Center, and serving as the chairman of the Nashville Parks and Recreation board. Not too long after he decided to retire, Mr. Carter had a stroke at age 69, while at home and was rushed to St. Thomas where doctors were able to help him stabilize. While at St. Thomas, Lamont’s physician recommended he go to a rehab center, and recommended Green Hills Center which is very close to his current home.

Lamont and his brother decided to receive rehabilitation services at Green Hills. Lamont was transported into the facility and greeted by the staff. When Lamont first arrived, he was very underweight, depressed and declining in health. He was very non-compliant with rehabilitation during the first year of his stay. Once he met Hailey, a member of our Rehabilitation team, his outlook began to change. She connected with Lamont and challenged him to put all his remaining energy into learning to walk again. She did push him consistently, but that was just the push that Lamont needed. During his first session in the gym, he was able to walk only four steps.

Lamont worked hard in the gym for over three years. The Rehabilitation team came together and created a focused, customized treatment plan which included helping him get out of bed, setting up his food for every meal for him, and helping him dress himself. Lamont said, “These people come to work every day and are committed to helping me and the other patients get better.” After those first three months of therapy, Lamont is now able to walk over 1,000 steps without taking a break! “I literally got my life back. I went from thinking I was going to pass away in that bed to being able to walk out of the facility to visit friends, get lunch, and walk around on my own!”, Lamont shared.

Mr. Lamont has now been a resident of Green Hills Center for four years and considers this facility his home. He has built great lasting relationships with many of the staff members here and is an integral member of the family that has been formed here. Lamont’s life goal is to be able to walk a full mile without stopping.

He is very grateful to all the staff for helping him reach his goals one at a time.